What an awesome hunt today!


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Sep 12, 2010
Huntsville, AL
I got a late start this morning taking care of some business and didn't get to the farm until about 10:30. As soon as I pull in the gate, I see a hen crossing the field behind my cabin. I park the truck and get my stuff together. I start walking to the woods and hear a gobble up on the hill. I walked all the way around the hill through some cedars so I can get above where I think he is and call softly. Nothing. I wait about 5 minutes and hear him gobble down in the field. I work my way down the hill slowly and when I can see the field, I look, but he is gone. I call and hear a hen off up to my left in the hardwoods on the hill. I get even with where I think the hen is on the hill, set up and call softly. After about 2-3 minutes, I see the hen and the gobbler is right behind her, stutting. Both of them are coming right at me down a logging road. I wait for him to get behind some brush and shoot him at about 35 yards. Awesome, awesome hunt. I've got baseball with my boys tomorrow, but I am going to take my oldest Sunday morning and see what happens!


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