Vermin93 here is one for ya ie: patience


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Nov 19, 1999
Back several years ago CBU93 was still doing his best to show me the ropes around the turkey woods.
We set up on a gobblin bird and sure enough there he was.
Big strutter following behind 2 hens.
They were in a field and were basically headed right towards us !!! :eek:

I had killed a jake before but never a longbeard so suffice it to say I was excited. Remember the big dog and little dog cartoon where the little one was bouncing all around and stuff? There ya go.

Anyway we are set up waiting and I whisper to CBU to call.
He said no, just wait.
This went on for like 30 minutes and then the gobbler turned around and started strutting the OPPOSITE direction.

I am not sure why the vein in my forehead didn't bust but it had to be close.
I kept saying, he is leaving CALL TO HIM.

Nope, he'll be back. (gotta invision him tilting his hat down over his eyes and laying his head back against the tree to rest while saying this)

I was like WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING???? Here this guy is supposed to be a turkey hunter and I got more sense than him. The bird is leaving so you GOT TO CALL.

I was so ill I couldn't see straight.
I reached for my call and he threatened bodily harm if I did.

The hens are still there and still slowly... SLOWLY working their way towards us.
The gobbler struts 300+ yards and finally goes out of view over the hill.

I just laid back and gave up.
After about 30 minutes or so just over the hill a gobbler FIRED OFF. Shook everything around us.

CBU whispered, ok get up and get ready, it's on.

Sure enough, after another 45 minutes passed he had worked his way into range.
After asking if I could shoot yet like 12 times CBU finally said, ok take him.

After it was all over it did make sense. The hens were still there and the gobbler probably went up to his strut zone or something but CBU said the bird was gonna come back eventually and he was right.

Almost 2 hours of just sitting there doing NOTHING and it worked like a charm. :D

So yeah, I understand about that patience thing. :)


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Dec 5, 2003
He gave you years of wisdom in just 2 hours! Believe me, I spent the years instead of the hours because i was by myself!!!

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Sep 2, 2000
I sat and waited on 2 toms for 2 1/2 hrs once at Wolf River WMA. Clucked and purred about every 10-15 minutes. Finally they came to check me out. One came a little too close though. ;)

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