Tuff Stuff Alpha 2 roof top tent


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Nov 30, 2013
Polk county, TN
As much as it pains me to do. I have decided to sell my hard shell Tuff Stuff Alpha 2 roof top tent that I purchased new at the first of 2022. It holds two adults comfortably as well as a small dog. Reason for selling is because we now have a second larger dog and we have outgrown it due to this and I'm also saving to try and build a house. Anyone who has done much research on roof top tents will tell you that the hardshell style is definitely the way to go as it protects the fabric better and is a lot quicker to put up and take down. I have regularly taken this on hunting trips and I could have it up and/or packed up in just a few minutes. It has both interior and exterior lighting with a dimmable switch to set to whatever brightness you wish. It also has locks so it cannot be opened except with a key. It has a small footprint and makes no noticeable drag or noise on my truck when driving. I have included photos of what it currently looks like. If someone is interested in buying I can leave on the decals or remove them off the camper shell. I won't do this however unless I have a committed buyer as I would like to leave them on if I don't sell it. On the roof of the shell some of the clearcoat has started to slightly bubble as well. Doesn't effect anything but I did want to point that out. I also have some CBI off-road bed bars that it mounts to that I will sell with it. I paid $2633.99 after tax for the tent itself and $579.48 for the bed bars. Total I have $3213.47 in it.

I would sell everything for $2000. Or the tent itself for $1750. I am located in Cleveland, TN, but travel across the state to the Columbia area weekly. My phone is (423) 310-8968 for anyone interested. I will make a 5% donation to TNdeer once it sells. Thanks!


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