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Aug 7, 2001
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TnDeer Code of Conduct

These rules comprising the TnDeer Code of Conduct have been devised simply to ensure that each and every member of the TnDeer.com forum has an enjoyable, quality experience. The number of members and the variety of personalities that use this forum makes posting this Code of Conduct a necessity.

These rules are not meant to stifle anyone's beliefs or right of free speech but they are necessary to ensure a reasonably diplomatic forum for the exchange of ideas and information.

Breaking a rule may result in measures ranging from receiving a private message regarding the broken rule, having a post edited, having a thread deleted, being temporarily suspended or having membership permanently revoked. Some rules are open for interpretation (i.e. what one person finds offensive another may not) so if you are not sure if what you are going to post is against the rules, ask an admin/mod or, better yet, dont post it.

Always remember that posting on TnDeer.com is a privilege - it is not your right and the management of TnDeer it assigns has the right to alter, edit or delete any content that you may post on the forum. We also reserve the right to cancel your membership or not allow you the privilege of posting to the forum. The management and its assigns reserve the right to interpret the rules and to impose penalties however they see fit.

General Rules:
1 Treat every member, new or old, with respect.
2 When engaged in a discussion, debate or argument, have respect for the other position.
3 Refrain from using foul language or anything that resembles foul language, including substituting symbols for partial words such that the intended word is recognizable.
4 Do not engage in name-calling or flaming.
5 Do not talk abusively or direct threats towards forum members. Any suggestion of such can be subject for immediate suspension of posting privileges.
6 Do not post anything racially derogatory or anything that can be construed as such.
7 Do not post pictures of scantily clad women or men.
8 Do not post anything vulgar, obscene, offensive or sexually oriented.
9 Do not make references to bestiality.
10 If you have a problem with another member, do not post it on the forum; use e-mails or private messages to settle your differences.
11 Do not post someones e-mails or private messages to you or another on the open forum. The only exception will be made if the author has given permission.
12 Do not attempt to convert, show the way, etc. any member on this forum to your religious beliefs.
13 Do not post copyrighted articles or pictures. We are required by law to remove copyrighted material.
14 If a thread was edited, altered or deleted, do not ask for a reason in the open forum. E-mail [email protected] for the reason. Understand that you may not be given a reason because, as stated above, we reserve the right to alter, edit or delete any content that may be posted on the forum. Keep in mind that a thread you start may be deleted due to offensive posts that occurred after your post. Believing that you were not the cause of the problem, however, does not exempt you from this rule.
15 If you feel you are being treated unfairly by an admin or mod, e-mail [email protected] and state the thread and the problem. Do not bring your case up on the open forum. That may make the situation unnecessarily worse.
16 Multiple usernames and accounts will be deleted when discovered possibly including the members main account.
17 Please remember that mods and admins have jobs and families and other responsibilities away from TnDeer and it may be possible that some threads
may slip by
18 Feel free to use the notify button on the bottom of any post to report it as objectionable. Your anonymity will be preserved.

Again, the purpose of these rules is not to inhibit enjoyment of the forum but rather to provide a framework within which all members feel accepted and comfortable. We like to think of this site as a campfire to which all outdoorsman and women are invited and their families are welcome. If you cannot or will not say something to your mother, do not say it in the forum. What you write will be available to be read by hundreds if not thousands of people, all with different backgrounds and in different moods. The written word does not carry emotion or show body language so something you say in jest could be taken the wrong way.

Common courtesy is never out of style and neither is respect. If some post makes you want to react immediately and heatedly, take a deep breath or walk away from the computer for awhile before replying. What you write will be available to be read on a public forum for years to come.
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