The problem with on line homework!!!!

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Mar 18, 2011
So, of course, my daughter waits until the last day to do an assignment on her schools page (where you can log into it at home to complete- can't remember the name of it).

At any rate, she completes it, clicks save to record the data and it will not show that it's been completed on her home page. On the last page of her assignment she takes a quiz and it shows that she's completed the quiz and gives a score but this isn't translating onto her homepage where, she says, the teachers look.

Both the wife and I tried to find a way to work but couldn't.

All I know to do is print the quiz page that shows her score and the home page to show what was going on.

I'm ticked at her for waiting but in these days of hyper-sensitivity what do kids that have no internet do? What if someones home computer has crashed?

Okay, rant over.

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