Sold/Expired Sleeping bags..


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Aug 29, 2016
I've got 3 unneeded sleeping bags. 2 of them I believe are forestry service bags. They have no have to scoot in from the top.
The third is a Browning bag. Honestly, I don't remember if it's a mummy or not. Don't even know if it's ever been out of the stuff sack. The Browning bag is a little heavier than the other two, but I don't remember the temp rating for any of them. Pretty sure we never used any of them. All are mild weather.
I was going to hang outside and get some pics, but it's raining again. Will add them later. All were purchased new by me...but it's been several years ago.
I will add pics when it quits raining.

Obviously, these are bulky and probably cost prohibitive to ship, so....must pickup near me.
Cherokee dam area.(that's east of Knoxville... Jefferson City area). to someone who will use them. mummy bags. All rectangular.
Pic added..IMG_20231227_114423.jpg
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