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Jan 7, 2008
Mt Pleasant, TN
Received this email from Senator Alexander this morning concerning the Corps of Engineers dam tailwaters access.

March 15, 2013

Dear Kevin,

Thanks very much for getting in touch with me and for letting me know what�s on your mind regarding the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers� (Corps) decision to restrict boat access to tailwaters along the Cumberland River.

I agree with your concerns about the impact this new policy will have on the fishing community, and I urged the Commander of the Nashville District Corps to continue to allow fishing in the Cumberland River tailwaters.

The fishing and community derives tremendous pleasure from the open access of the Cumberland River system, and the revenue that is generated by these activities is an important part of Tennessee�s economy. At a minimum, I believe that any change of this magnitude should be subject to a public comment period so those who enjoy fishing can have an opportunity to express their concerns and propose alternatives to improve public safety. Changes should only be considered after a thorough review of all public comments and suggestions.

In a recent meeting with the Nashville Corps, I asked them to give the public the opportunity to voice their concerns and hold several public meetings to take input from the people and communities affected by this decision. I also encouraged the Corps to look at alternatives to the new policy and requested that if they move forward in restricting fishing in dam tailwaters, to restrict it to the smallest area possible, consistent with the Corps� safety requirements. The Corps agreed to my requests.

As the senior Republican on the Senate Appropriations Committee Subcommittee on Energy and Water Development, which has jurisdiction over the Corps, I will follow this issue very closely.

I�m grateful you took the time to let me know where you stand. I�ll be sure to keep your comments in mind as this issue is discussed in Washington and in Tennessee.



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Jun 27, 2010
TN, Shelbyville
Well, hopefully he can get something done and managed that people can agree with, not all will agree but maybe a better percentage.

One thing is this, nothing against any fisherman being ameature or other wise.

Will they allow the big time bass fisherman (pro tours) access to the damn areas during their events and tv shows. We all know they are not treated the same as the not so PRO fisherman.
And no, I am not against the PRO's and not trying to start any kind of argument either.