Refinancing your home? Must read


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Oct 23, 2001
Franklin Tn
Hey guys I'm trying to spread the word. If you plan on refinancing your house you need to read this. I plan on doing this soon myself. There is program called an EEM, Energy Efficient Mortgage. What it does is allow you to refinance your home with energy efficient improvements placed into your loan. So if you know you might need a new heat-pump, AC, Furnace, insulation, ect... You can get these items with the low finance rate based into the loan. The improvements have to basically keep you payments the same through the efficiency improvements. I have tried to get mortgage brokers to honor this program for years but the last 3 days I have 3 phone calls from brokers asking for it. So I figured I would bring it to everyone's attention that I can. You'll have to get a HERS rating on the home which will evaluate the home and what improvements need to be made. My company does HERS ratings and of course I am trying to promote business but at the same time this program is not well known and I believe it is a great opportunity. Your upgrades can amount upto 5% of the home's value. I think this program is fantastic for home buyers buying a house that is sold as is but it needs improvements. It's also great for people wanting to refinace with the low rates we have now but also want to improve their house without huge out of pocket expenses or an additional loan. If you need more information feel free to send me an email at [email protected]. I don't have much time to get on here anymore but I will try to check the post to answer any questions.

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