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Jun 20, 2020
I have 7 daughters ages 2-16 years, and while certainly there are issues with all of them, they are pretty obedient and compliant kids. Consistency in discipline and expectations is a big key. Limiting negative outside influences like TV (which we don’t have), social media, and other raucous undisciplined (not well trained) children are also important. When (not if) you sin against them, ask for forgiveness, and do so in the presence of those who were present when you sinned...if you got angry without a cause at the dinner table with your whole family, ask forgiveness in front of the whole family even if it’s hours or a day later. Make sure that when you forgive them (or your wife) that you don’t bring it up again, you have forgiven them. These Biblical principals will go a long way in not raising a rebellious child.
No wonder your name is poor hunter. 7 daughters lol

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