Prelude to a revolution: Shumer’s gun transfer ban


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Jul 17, 2011
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Prelude to a revolution: Shumer�s gun transfer ban
Written By: Bob - Mar� 12�13
Chuck Schumer�s S. 374, the Orwellian �Protecting Responsible Gun Sellers Act of 2013,� has been an empty shell� until he slipped in Amendment ALB13180 (PDF) today, which shows the �teeth� of the bill. It is an extremely aggressive attempt to destroy the Second Amendment by isolating and criminalizing extremely common behaviors among gun owners.

Doubt me?

Take a looking at a sampling of what it Sebastian notes it would outlaw:

If you leave home for more than 7 days and leave anyone at home, that becomes a felony illegal transfer. 5 years in prison for each of you.
if you take a friend shooting and allow him to fire your gun, that is a felony illegal transfer. 5 years in prison for each of you.
If you have a gun lost or stolen and don�t report it within 24 hours, you�ve committed a felony. 5 years in prison.
If you lend a gun to someone for to try out at the range, provide a loaner for a student in training, let your son shoot a rifle you purchased while hunting, or provide a gun to a woman for self-defense, you�ve committed a felony. 5 years in prison for each of you.
That�s just scratching the surface. Make sure you read the rest about how it could Schumer�s law put gun dealers out of business, and create a de facto national registry� a prelude to confiscation.

It�s inching closer.

May God have mercy on us all.


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Mar 2, 2013
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The Spanish Civil War started in 1936 and lasted three years. It is a microcosm of what is likely to happen in N. America.

I have watched the first three (3) parts of the five (5) part series.

The country/sides were fragmented at first. There were many different factions.

Then the German Nazis funded the National Socialists. Some unreported source funded the Communists.

Neither side was worth a d*mn. Overall there were 500,000 people killed.

It turned into a National Socials vs. Communists conflict. The National Socialists prevailed. Then there was a dictator for 40 years.

The Spanish Civil War - Part 1 - Prelude to Tragedy ... ADB0A7D774

At some point, probably early on, the power grid will go down. Once that happens - curtains. Within a couple of months millions will have died from starvation/exposure. The first winter in the northern US half will be dead.

Add another zero to the above killed in Spain's war and we're looking at a very conservative number.

Countries like Russia, China, Iran; and in the Western Hemisphere Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico are waiting like vultures.

There may be 10% survive. Then seeking to loot, like criminals from a corpse, the above armies will march in. Hopefully they will start fighting and kill each other. America is going to be too decimated to repel an invasion.

Today is an altogether different scenario than in 1776. No comparisons at all.


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Sep 9, 2009
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I tell my wife all the time that it is coming and she thinks i am crazy. she is a GEN Y baby though, so as long as there is TV and what not she is happy. I told her what could happen and she gets scared, but clings to hope that it will just work itself out.

I hope everything works out as well, but they know the economy is going to tank again soon, so they are going to do whatever is necessary to disarm the people, so we can;t hold them accountable.