Prayers please


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May 3, 2009
McMinn Co.Tennessee U.S.
Seems as though we are always asking for someone or ourselves but to me I'm glad we serve a God who can do something ! Member here we asked prayer for a while back has been back to the doctor for a follow up and after his colon surgery for cancer they now have found it in his liver . If you don't mind could you send a prayer up for him, oh its Kenbob10 . Think he talked with Ruger some about it so if I'm wrong Ruger please correct me .

Dear Heavenly Father coming to your mighty throne of grace and mercy asking for one of our own that you please touch him with your mighty healing hand . Kenny whom you know has had a return of this evil we call cancer but we know this is nothing to you Dear Lord . You are the great physician and no thing that you can't overcome so we are calling upon you for a full recovery, please quide those surgeons , doctors and all caring for him . To our all knowing , all seeing God we give the upmost praise, glory and honor asking in the precious mighty name of Jesus Christ amen.

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