Prayer request and a story


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Jan 1, 2008
Clarksville, Montgomery Cnty
I really dont know where to go with this, but a significant event happened in my wifes life over the weekend. I guess I will have to start with Saturday. I was cooking dinner when my wife comes home with a puppy and with all of the dilema and drama of naming a new dog, she came up with Sunni, as in a sunny day. She has been looking for a certain dog since 2001 when she lost a pomeranian, I think that dog is finally here. Now to my wifes grandmother, my wife remembered today that her grandmothers favorite song is "You Are My Sunshine". When my wife was kid, her Granny always sang that song to her. Now back to Sunday evening...we got the phone call that Granny was in the hospital having suffered a massive stroke. She had a DNR and was taken off of life support before we could get there (midnight), yet she hung in there just long enough for one more important message for my wife. Granny passed this morning at 6:55 am in Louisville KY, sunrise was at 7:10 am. Granny was never one for being late to anything, and being 88 years old is a bit slow, so she left a few minutes early to make that sunrise and tell everyone that she was there and looking over them. My wife is at peace having put these little pieces of the puzzle together.

I have never been one for going to church, yet I have my faith in that "guiding hand" in all of our lives. Some folks give that "guiding hand" a name, I just look to the sunrise as proof of what I believe and have faith in. Yep, Sunni is here to stay.

I do ask for your prayers for my Mother-in-Law in that she finds the strength and direction to find her own peace.

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