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Nov 12, 2007
Probably my quickest hunt to date. My Wife said she would go with me and I decided to get in a little later than normal as the deer where I hunt tend to move well after dawn. We had settled into the buddy stand when I saw a few Turkey heading our way, I hadn't even pulled my crossbow up yet! I waited for them to get behind some trees then pulled up the bow and put in the bolt. I had just finished telling her that I shot a deer one time that pretty much walked through a flock of Turkey.... well about three minutes later we see two does appear, working their way toward us. I focused on the larger one and was able to make a perfect shot at 25 yards. She dropped about 30 yards out. The Montec G5 made a full pass through and will be used again. We had her loaded and dropped off at the processor and back home before Noon!

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