Old School Cool with Modern Performance?


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Nov 18, 2021
Greater Memphis
Having your cake and eating it too? Maybe....

I'm on the hunt for a gloss black optic in 3x9 up to 4x12 with a 40mm objective that maintains the nostalgic look and provides the best optical clarity and performance possible. I've been kind of stuck in the Leupold VX-II area of the 80's and 90's lately but I'm looking for other options for my latest project.

I have looked into buying a new VX-III and having it coated in gloss, but honestly every one I've seen looks little better than spray paint...

It'll be a lower 48 deer rifle, so I'd like to keep it purposefully minded but with a classic look.

Say <$600 range?

What are your thoughts on the best performing gloss black riflescope for hunting inside 300 yards?

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