Oak Trees and Tubes

Hunter 257W

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Oct 4, 2012
Franklin County
I finished up my annual tree work Saturday and came across something I hadn't anticipated. Some of the oaks I have are varieties that don't drop their leaves in the Fall. Because I used Plantra Tree tubes when I planted all my trees these now dead leaves have pretty much packed the tubes full so that no direct sunlight can reach my trees. I just ignored this last year and that may be why some of the trees are still short enough to be in the tubes while others are twice as tall or more. Do you guys take the tubes off and clean out the oak leaves before Spring until the trees get tall enough to come out of the top of the tubes? That's what I did by the way Saturday. Now I'm just wondering if everybody else does this each year too?

Another interesting thing happened Saturday. While taking the tubes off to clean out the leaves, I found that I had a hidden enemy in some tubes. Fire-Ants. They were packed in there as much as 12 inches up the tube in some cases. Needless to say, I put out ant granules around every tree.

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