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Novice Reloader - Need advice on complete reloading set to start with for rifle.

Hunter 257W

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Oct 4, 2012
Franklin County
Good recommendations on the loading bench Dave. Mine was built as a workbench by the man I bought my house from. He went a little wild with 6"x6" posts for the legs and made the top 8 feet x 2 feet just as you said. The top is thick plywood so I figured I'd put the little 2ft x 2ft loading table I built years earlier against it and get a full 10ft bench. It's still too small by the time you mount a single stage press, bullet lube/sizer, progressive press and full set up for bullet casting. So I'm constantly removing the bullet sizer when I'm not using it. My benches are bolted together with about 600lbs of lead ingots on the bottom shelves plus 16 bags of shot. Nothing wiggles no matter what you do to it. :) But I did have to stiffen up the plywood top where the rock chucker press is mounted because it flexed when I 1st installed it since the plywood top overhung the support underneath by a couple inches.

Your loose primer test is a good one to see how really solid a bench is - just don't let one of those little nuggets of gold actually fall off and get lost! :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: