New to gardening


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Oct 7, 2010
knox county, TN, USA
I was wondering if anyone could recommend any literature or websites for planning out a garden. As a new guy I am tempted to just tile up the dirt and put some seeds down. But I want to be successful and plan it out the right way.
I am interested in planting a section of with the 3 sisters. one last question. Should put in raised beds?


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Jun 27, 2010
TN, Shelbyville
Raised beds a expensive and lot of work on front end, but in the long run could save a lot of time keeping the weeds out, and could also help keep everything seperate.
Should already have ground broke up, but not to late
get all weeds you can out, careful of how close you put stuff, read how close to plant. Make sure you can get your tiller between rows after you plant
Im sure there are a many books out there, I learned by two things
my grand father and some trial and error
Just make sure you plant it to the size you have time to weed and pick
if you plant okra,,,,,,,wow, that has to be picked almost every day, best to get dwarf type
bush style beans
many things need to go in now, as they wont last the summer such as your cauliflower, lettuce, broccoli and things like that
potatoes are easy, green onion, most any kind of pepper, corn, cucumbers, tomatoes and such are good

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