new personal best and runner up pics from tuesday

Deer Assassin

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Aug 1, 2003
Kingston Springs
after it was sleeting at the house tuesday I never thought id make it to the track

but i had a good time car did not perform as well as i had hope played with a few shock settings and air pressure and it just got worse but she averaged mid 30's with a new personal best 1.58 60 foot 7.32 92.76
my lights sucked it was obvious i hadnt raced since august last year. i managed a .007 but rest were terrible .07x even a few .1xx but i managed to get to the final in mustang class and was still in trophy class to the final when the battery gave up the ghost and would not start i was pissed

this is why it was on the trailer i hate not even getting a chance to race to win but o well

it was fun


video ... Yg&index=1

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