Need sum knee mail folks got alot going on!!

Viper (tp)

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Dec 23, 2004
greenfield, tenn.
First my grand daughter Alexis (aka SWEETPEE) is in the Jacksonville hospital having test run, posibly a form of Lupus, not sure yet but it sure scares the crap out of me. I talked to her last nite she seemed in good spirits.

Also I have been down for a while sick, as of wendsday I felt better, then it hit me and my wife like a ton a bricks, they said we have the dadgum FLU. Man I tell ya,I have had to use a lot of vacation days because of being sick sense the first of January.Plus this sucks becauce my daughter and family are 13 hrs away, and we have to put going to there house on hold. :(

My wife is down bigtime she hurts bad, and she cain't talk!! :/ Yes thats bad but there is an upside to it!! :)

Please when you can send some knee mail our way, we sure could use it.