My evening with my niece


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Jun 19, 2002
Millington, TN
My 5 yr old (going on 15) niece came to stay with us last night. Among the highlights:

She mentioned marrying her 5 yr old boyfriend. She asked my wife if she would be a bridesmaid. Then she said I could be a...mansmaid. :D

Me: when are you getting married?
Her: when I get bigger.
Me: does your daddy (my little brother) know about this?
Her:'s a secret
Me: (laughing) if I don't tell him I'll get in trouble!

I have an acoustic guitar in my living room. She knows I keep my other guitars in another room. She wanted to play the electric guitar. I plugged it in, and turned the distortion on. She strummed the strings, and then I switched it to a clean sound. That's when she said LNo, I want to play the rockin sound!" :) She was rockin!

She saw a poster of Elvis on my wall...from his Aloha Concert. She asked, "are you a fan of that guy?" I told her I was. I also told her that was her homeork for the weekend, she has to check out Elvis. I told her that Justin Beiber wants to be like Elvis. "Nuh-uh" she said. LOL

We went to the park. On the way back, David Alan Coe's "You Never Even Called Me By My Name" was playing on the new country station. I turned it up, and told her it was the greatest country and western song. She listened and then said "this song is ridiculous." :D

She has her own Ipad. I don't even have one! LOL. She played a Lion's King Game on it. Even played some race car game. She came in 6th place...then wanted to know if I could come in 1st place for her.

I got woke up at 7:00...her standing over me with that sweet smile she has. :) I asked if it was time to get up. She whispered something, and pointed at the window and left. I dunno what that was about.

We had waffles for breafast, she played my acoustic guitar for a few minutes. I gave her a slide to use on the guitar and showed her how to play slide guitar. She needs some work, but she has the idea. :D

She is a hoot!


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Jun 27, 2010
TN, Shelbyville
Those are moments that you dont want to ever forget and some never get to experience
I miss the time I have with my other grand daughter, living so far apart only get to see her couple times a year

But this next weekend I will attend her 4th birthday, I not missed one yet
Although my other grand daughter comes over often and we have a hoot together fishing or remodeling the house, anything I do she does with me and I cherish those times as well

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