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More phone help, please..


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Aug 29, 2016
I'm going to try to provide all the details that I can.
My wife always seems to have trouble with cell phones..she always feels that their is a problem. Yesterday's issue was based on what she was telling me over the phone. I'm not sure if the WM app problem is resolved or not. We ran into a bigger problem.
She has probably all of the social media apps, as well as games, work apps, and who knows what else, on her phone. Most of these things are linked together and running constantly. Her usual problem is battery won't stay charged..but not this time. This time, her mobile data quit working. Now, for the confusing part.

A little history..
We have used straight talk for years. It has worked well for us. That said, the only phones sold at local WM run on Verizon. Other carriers are available, just not by walking into store. Verizon service sucks at our house. Because of that, and us not really liking their phones, we buy unlocked GSM phones, and just use the AT&T(bring your own phone) Sim cards for straight talk. This has worked well for our situation.

After going through their online help desk thing, we still couldn't get her mobile data to work. So, we removed her Sim card, and put it into an extra phone we had. Everything worked. Files xferd, mobile data worked, all was good...except it was an older phone, and she didn't like it. Btw, the phone that stopped working is a OnePlus 7T. We figured her phone had just broke. Out of curiosity, I did a factory reset on it, and put my sim card in it. It worked fine.. everything. So, we know the phone works. Her Sim also works in the other phone, so we assume it's good. Wanting her phone back, I removed my card, done another factory reset(to remove my xferd info) and put her Sim back in it. Powered it up....no mobile data. What could possibly be going on here? If the card didn't work in either phone, I could say it was on their end(service). If her phone didn't work with my sim, I could say it's the phone. I just don't know what to do next...maybe a new sim card??
Any help would be appreciated...


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