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Nov 19, 1999

Man and one of his friends were shooting at starlings with shotguns near the driveway this afternoon. :)

The city limits ends across the road.

I was watching tv and boom boom boom etc.

All of a sudden I hear the back door CRASH open and then I hear a pump being cycled and shotgun shells rolling across the kitchen floor. :D

I spoke out and said, "po po here?"

Man says, yeah.

So man goes back out and then comes back in and says he wants to see the gun.

I think,,, WHY ????

So I get up from my very busy schedule and walk outside.

There are three cop cars from two different states in the road by my house.
I chuckle, literally out loud and say, "Whats up guys?"

Then I say, "Did someone get tore up?"

Yeah they got tore up quick.

I said, "Well I figured they would, but they were just out in the field (outside the city limits with permission) shooting starlings.

Yeah well, you gotta be careful.

I said yeah we are always careful.

Then he asked man what his name was and he told him and he said, you are Cory's friend?
He said yeah.

He said, Boy you know better than this.

That is when I spoke up again and I said, yeah he knows better but lets just set this straight, he was doing nothing wrong, just so everyone is clear and we get the report right.


I started to ask why he wanted to see the gun but I know of the cop and he is a good dude so I eased off and apologized for them having to come all the way out here for nothing. :D

They eased on off then.

Kinda funny, some smart butt shot a gun just as they got near the point of ear shot....not sure who that was. :D

So if you shoot, do so legally. ;)

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