Man I Smell Good!


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Sep 28, 2003
Columbia, TN
At 6 PM last night I built a fire in the pit and laid some split hickory across the coals. By 6:30 I had eight dry-rubbed pork butts settled in over that fire. At 2 AM and 150 degrees, I foil wrapped them, built the fire up a bit, and laid down on the couch.

At 7 AM I put a meat thermometer in one of the foil packs and couldn't feel the meat inside. core temp was 200. Lifted one off the grill, and the foil split open. Bone rolled out one way, meat rolled two other directions. Yeah, that's about right! Gently lifted the rest into a cooler.

At 11 AM pulled the meat off the bone and panned it up for Sunday's church building campaign 1-year anniversary dinner. Right now I'm so full of bark-- hey, it was too tough to serve to the general public, right?-- that I can hardly move.

Old Spice and Axe don't make nothing this good!!

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