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Jun 10, 2000
Western Ky.
Watched the movie,"Lincoln", last night in Blu-ray.

The sets and picture was great and the make-up dept should have gotten an Academy Award for all those movie stars and their make up. ever though you can see who is really who (movie star) they all look so much like the real people from the 1860's it was almost like you was back in time. All of Lincoln's cabinet members looked so much like the real people they played it was just like the pictures of them come alive on the screen.

As for history, I've read enough books of the Civil War and Lincoln over the years to know enough history when I see it. Let's say this, for the most part the history was right BUT Steven Spielberg used his "Artistic license" on a lot of it. He also left out a lot and down played certain Congress members role in the 13th Amednment. He almost totally left out a "certain party" in the fight AGAINST the 13th Amednment. To find out the TRUTH all one has to do is go look at the Congress record, you will see who spoke out the most and voted AGAINST the 13 Amendment.

Take it for what it is, a movie, nothing more and in that part it was a good one.