Lee Marvin - When men were men...

Bambi Buster

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Jan 29, 2004
Middle Tennessee
..even in Hollywood. See link for a story of those times (1964 in this instance)

[color:#000066]"...As a teenager, I had gone to school in Florida and had spent weekends and spare time hunting deer, puma, wild turkey and bobwhite in the wilds of the then uncharted Everglades. In those days and that area, the shotgun was the universal all-purpose gun, shooting everything from 00 buckshot to bird sizes, selecting your shot to match your game...." [/color]

http://culturepulp.typepad.com/culturep ... arvin.html

Diehard Hunter

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Aug 1, 2008
That piece shows something that has been lost in the mainstream hunting media. It shows he was truly a conservationist with a love of nature, and the trophy was second to the experience! Way too many people are caught up in the kill in this day and age. They are so focused on the trophy they miss what is all around them.

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