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Land Between the Lakes Hunter Use Permit Increase


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Feb 16, 2020
Please be aware that the LBL Hunter use permit WITH BACKCOUNTRY CAMPING IS SET TO INCREASE FROM $35 TO $75. IT IS NOTED IN THE KY Spring Hunting Guide. Here is the email from Jeff [email protected] LBL with the statement " the hunt permit is $25 and that cost is not changing". Keep this statement in mind and go back to my statement about the cancellation of the with hunts where I stated that this was a way for employees that hunt to eliminate competition. This is a way for employees and local hunters to eliminate competition from traveling hunters.

Mr. Xxxxxxx,

The cost of the combination hunt/camping permit is scheduled to go to $75 effective May 2, 2020. The portion of the combination permit that is the hunt permit is $25 and that cost is not changing. The portion of the combination permit that is for the camping portion is changing to $50.

This price change for the camping portion is the result of a fee comparability study that was completed in the last few months.

The Forest Service is beginning to work with the states of KY and TN to ask them about changing the combination fee and revising the agreements between the states and the Forest Service to reflect those changes.

This fee change has not been addressed in a SOPA.

Forest Service Shield

Jeff Laird
Customer Service Manager
Laird, Jeffrey - FS • [email protected]

Westbrook, John D -FS • [email protected]

Here's my Response, FYI, a SOPA is a Schedule of Proposed Action. These are to be proposed and used to make the environmental and financial assessment and to allow public input.

If the fee is being increased 1. It needs to be addressed in a SOPA. 2. The assessment needs to include addressing the fees as they pertain to Access pass holders. Furthermore this fee increase creates barriers to Outdoor Recreation for those with disabilities and/or limited financial means,. In particular before imposing the 114% fee increase you need to address and study the Accelerating Veterans Recovery Outdoors Act, https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-con ... t?r=60&s=1

This email was sent to Jeff Land, John Westbrook at LBL, as well as Rich Storm KDFWR and Senator Rand Paul


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Oct 4, 2019
What was the dispersed/backcountry permit by itself in the past?
I feel like the $35 combo hunt/camp ended up bring a bit of a discount. I bought them separately a couple years ago & remember thinking I should have gotten the $35 combo to start with.

That is a ridiculous price increase IMO, compatibility study or not. I understand things get more expensive over time but come on.

I also don’t understand how they can do some stuff at the drop of a hat, but other decisions take years & umpteen federal studies. There has to be a happy medium somewhere.

Rant over, for now.

Lost Lake

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Nov 17, 2012
Middle Tn
I don’t understand that large of a price increase.
The “dispersed” camping has been very confusing for a lot of folks.

My guess is that they figured out the campgrounds are losing a lot of hunter income by backcountry camping, and figured a way to make it up fast.

I’ll still pay it, but I doubt my hunting buddies will.

That stinks.

Bone Collector

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Sep 9, 2009
Murfreesboro, TN
that is ridiculous. for someone that draws the hunt it was $25 for the permit to camp alone, BUT that was for a full year. I would assume the $50 is for a full year.

They have a permit site that is separate from the hunting application site. you can get a 3 day permit now for $10. I wonder how much the increase will be there? Maybe it will double too.

The issue is they are not caring for the land like they should IMO. They should be logging to improve habitat for wildlife. They are not allowing hogs to be killed and I've heard they have overrun the place. So now people are not coming to hunt and they need to recoup lost revenues for camping.


Jan 30, 2010
east TN
For years I’ve heard LBL bragged on for how great the place was managed. My son went on the juvenile this year and overall we were not impressed. No crops planted and all the fields were all grown up. Hog sign literally everywhere. I understand not having a hog season but don’t understand them not letting you kill them on a deer hunt. With a few traps and a little work they could put a major dent in the population. We were told they no longer lease the fields out for crops. We seen a few deer and had a good time but really hate seeing a place with so much proven potential in such bad shape.


Nov 13, 2020
Nashville, TN
We went a few years ago and no fields were in crops either. Only saw a handful of deer between myself, buddy and my little brother (he was probably asleep).
We used the Wranglers camp and was glad we did because it got down below freezing at night. That heater in the horse trailer was very nice and the shower facility was nothing to scoff at either. For a weekend hunt, I think we would be close to the new backcountry camping prices.. maybe a tad more but well worth it IMO to stay at the Wrangler Camp instead.


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