Lady got loose


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Oct 2, 2009
Norris Dam
right when I came in I was tired and forgot to lock the door. She knows how to reach up and open it if it is not lock and she seen right off I hadn't locked it. I went to the fridge for some water heard the door open and there she went. She went straight to woods with my outside dog couple minutes later the lil beagle came back and then i heard my Dog fighting something in the woods. I don't know what it was but they went at6 it for a while then I heard them going way down the hollow, My dog it old it scared me to death, about 40 minutes later she came back up out of the woods and could barely walk. I was in my truck at the edge of the woods she couldn't even get up in the truck. After I got her to the porch I give her a lil bit of water. She collapsed and I picked the ticks of her. I thought she was gonna have a heart attack she was breathing so hard shes a inside dog and not used to all that even though shes a Boxer. Now she is laying in the floor and cant even get up, shes almost asleep but still painting very hard. Crap like this makes me feel like crap like when some of you guys have posted bout loosing your dogs.

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