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Why Islamists Don�t Have the Right to Build Mosques, Proselytize Or Institute Sharia Law In America

Posted on April 11, 2013

Publius Huldah, a retired attorney, Constitutional scholar and a gracious contributor to Freedom Outpost, addressed the Act for America Chapter in Fayetteville, Tennessee recently and demonstrated that the First Amendment does not give Islamists the right to build mosques, proselytize, and institute Sharia law in the United States. She also took time to point out that multiculturalism is not and that Islam is not a peaceful religion.

February 18, 2013 Act for America Chapter in Fayetteville, TN from Publius Huldah on Vimeo.

�We face a grave threat,� she began. �Islamists are infiltrating our country and taking over. Our Federal, state and local governments won�t even acknowledge the threat.�

Publius Huldah points out that the �Islamists seek to replace our Constitution, our religion and our culture with Sharia, their totalitarian political, economic, military, social and legal system. They are making progress and conquering our country because we are not resisting. We are not resisting because people actually believe Islamists have �constitutional rights� to build mosques and proselytize here and that those who oppose them are haters, racists, xenophobes (someone who hates and fears other cultures), and intolerant.�

�So the dreadful message we are getting from all sources, �she continues, �is that our Constitution renders us powerless to resist because, and this is the great lie, the First Amendment gives Islamists the right to do what they are doing and that oppose them are bad people.�

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My thoughts are lots of plane tickets out before lots of bullets. There isn't a group that I detest more. They're like extra pushy Yankees that move south that want to turn their new world into their old world. No offense intended for those that assimilate to southern ways.