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Jul 21, 2006
Crockett County
3 men died and got to the pearly gates at the same time. St. Peter was there and explained the rules.

St Pete: Gentlemen, here in Heaven we have streets of gold. You will each be given transportation to drive on the streets. Your ride depends on how many times you were unfaithful to your spouse.

Man # 1: My sin, sir, I cheated on my wife once. It was a mistake and I’m sorry!

All of the sudden, an old Jeep appeared! The man got in and drove off.

Man # 2: Well, sir you see, I’ve been unfaithful twice to my wife. I’m so sorry!

An old beat up Chevy S10 appeared. The man got in and drove off.

Man #3: St. Pete, I’m the worst of the three. I’ve had a few affairs. My wife died before me and when I find her I will apologize and beg for her forgiveness!

A ragged beat up Ford Pinto appeared for the 3rd man.

Before he took off St. Peter stopped him and pointed.

St. Peter: I believe that is your wife right there.

Man #3: Why is she on a skateboard???



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Feb 7, 2007
South Louisiana
That's a good one. Reminds me of the old man on his deathbed. He asked his wife, I was wondering about the cedar chest. You have 2 ears of corn and $100 cash in there. What was that for? She said, well, when I was unfaithful, I put an ear of corn in the cedar chest.
He said, 2 times in 50 years marriage, that's not too terrible. What about the $100 cash?
She said, when I got a bushel I took it and sold it.😲😲

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