Had to put my dog down.....


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Jan 27, 2007
Kingston Springs
hardest thing in the world to do. but she was suffering, hasn't eaten much at all the last two weeks, labored breathing, her back legs were givin out on her. Took her to the vet today, they did blood work, normal red cell counts are 55 to 60, at 20 they usually give transfusions. My girl was at 15. Dr was amazed she was still up walking. Needless to say, it was time, she was 11 yrs old. Lade buried her in the woods next to his cat. Gonna miss her something terrible. Brooklyn took it really hard, as did I. I swear, I have one more dog, and Lade has his, once they are gone I quit!!! I cant do this! its too freakin hard!!
RIP Sasha Blue( aka Boo Boo Princess) we will miss you!


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