Good Day Saturday...........

TN Larry

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Sep 17, 2003
Baxter, Tennessee
Had a good day Saturday on Center Hill. Buddy and I fished a tournament and won with big fish which ended up being an $1,100 pay day. We had a little over 18 lbs with a 7 lb kicker. He only caught one keeper all day, but it was the big one. We weighed three keeper sm, one lm, and one KY. We also caught a bunch of short sm with some just barely being under 18".

Buddy with big fish.


Me holding it and our biggest sm.


My 5 year old holding the big fish. It was the biggest my buddy has ever caught so he decided to mount it. I think that my son was more excited than we were. :)


I took him yesterday to fish for KYs with live bait. The wind was howling and it was hard to fish the way that I wanted for him but we still managed a few. I didn't take any pics yesterday, but he is absolutely eat up with it right now.