Go Figure


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Nov 10, 2011
Knoxville, TN
Every opening morning for the last three years, I've seen turkeys land at this spot to strut. I get up bright and early getting in the field an hour before daylight to setup my blind. To my front I setup my decoys and settled in for a nice hunt just knowing I'd be heading home before 8 o'clock.

I'm sitting there and about 200 yards off to my right it starts raining turkeys! I counted 30! You see over at the next farm I have a permanent deer blind. Instead of landing in the strut zone they have landed in the last four years, they land in front of my deer blind. :(

Normally I'd sit there and hope they came to me eventually, but I had to go to an Easter Egg hunt at Church. As I got out they of course took off flying and running. :(

My friend John told me to go back and try it again at around 4:30. I'm getting ready to drive the 40 minutes back out to the property with my young son in tow.

The only reason I can think that they changed locations is the farmer next door let his cows into this field. Actually the fence was broken down and the cows were destroying some round bales. Where the turkeys strut is a slight rise in this swampy ground and of course the cows were lying right on top of it to get out of the marshy grass.