first bird


Sep 30, 2012
Went this morning with a friend from work, we had birds all around us this morning but couldn't bring one in. We decided to run and gun some and got busted by the biggest bird I have ever seen walked up over a rise and there he was 20 yards thought he was blown up and realized he was just walking you know the rest, he turned and was gone as quick as I saw him

We then decided to go to this field were a blind was setup but on the way we say two birds 300 yards away in the field, I crawled about 40 yards ahead of us and placed a decoy up and crawled back got setup and my.buddy started to call I always heard how good he could call but i didn't realize it til today as the birds turned 3 hens came into the field 50 yards from them he started purring and clucking harder bottom line is he called two birds away from real hens to a decoy they got within 30 yards with the hens following, I know he is just a jake but he weighed 17lbs with a 5in beard thanks Ryan


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Nov 28, 2006
Old Hickory/Mt.Juliet, TN
First of all......Congrats--nothing like the first one. go to and open an account. next upload the pictures to your account. after that select on picture you uploaded and copy the img code and then paste it on here.

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