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Embedding video in post

Southern Sportsman

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Sep 18, 2011
West TN
It took me a little while to figure this out, so I thought I would share. There is an older thread that explained how to do this, by there are a few differences now with the new forum layout. Also, if you are posting from a computer, you can just copy/paste the URL link from youtube and the form embeds it automatically. I think TapTalk does the same thing posting from a phone. The problem I ran into was doing it from a phone while not using TapTalk.

In that situation, simply copying/pasting the URL won't work. When you copy a link from the YouTube app, the URL format is different so the form wouldn't recognize it to embed. But I figured out the work-around. I realize that most people (i.e., everyone posting from a computer or through TapTalk) won't need this. But I'm still making this post so that when I forget how to do it later, I can look up this post.

The youtube link (whether from the regular website or the app) will have the normal sequence of "https:// . . ." . At the end of the URL, there will be a series of capital and lower case letters and numbers. Like:

https:// youtu.be/OM1oZPbKn9E


https://www. youtube.com/watch?v=OM1oZPbKn9E


These are all different versions of the link to the same video. The number/letter sequence will be the same.

When the form does it's thing to automatically embed a video, before the post it submitted, the form essentially puts that letter/number sequence inside brackets like this:

(MEDIA=youtube) letter/number sequence here (/MEDIA)

So if you are posting from a phone, you can just copy/paste these brackets --- (MEDIA=youtube) (/MEDIA) --- then paste the youtube letter/number sequence from any version of the URL between the brackets. Then it should show up as an embedded video when you hit "post thread."

***In the example above, I had to replace the brackets - [ ] - with parentheses just so I could show what the brackets should look like. If I left the brackets, it would show up like an embedded video but with no video to play. So if you copy/paste these brackets to embed a video, replace the parentheses with brackets***
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Oct 8, 2020
You must have the HTTPS:// in the url you post, as we do not support content over unsecure methods.

Antler Daddy

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Jun 4, 2020
I continue to receive this error when clicking videos on my iPad. It will not play unless I open a separate YouTube window. I don’t recall having the issue before,


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