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Oct 2, 2009
Norris Dam
had a emergency Ultra sound done today after being inbed for 4 days in aggonising pain, I was in tear if I got up for 20 min. Just got back from the doctor good news is he said I have better blood flow than even did 3 weeks ago. Bad news is I still know nothing about the pain he said he has no idea and released me to my family doctor I'm so frustrated but thankful more blood is flowing but still know nothing on what is causing this god awful pain. He said it sounds like nerve damage but I don't think so it didn't start until I got this clot. Next step I guess is calling Vanderbilt and starting all over. My sister Called Doc in Vanderbuilt Today he is in the top 1% in the Nation, he said he usually dont but he would let me fax him all my test results and information to see if he could help me before I tried to travel 4 hours so the next few days I am gonna try to get all my records together from 3 diff Doctors and send them to him

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