Dover man missing in Alaska


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Jun 5, 2021
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DEADHORSE, Alaska (WSMV) - A son is on his way to Deadhorse, Alaska, after his father went missing on Saturday.

Authorities are looking for 61-year-old Steve Keel of Dover, Tennessee, who went missing on a hunting trip.

According to the Facebook group “Missing In Fairbanks, Alaska,” Steve arrived in Alaska on August 20th. He was last seen on August 27th when he walked away from the campsite to retrieve supplies and never returned.

Steve and his friends were camping in a remote area of Alaska where they had planned to hunt for caribou.

KTUU said Steve’s son is on his way from Dover to search for his missing father in Alaska. According to the Facebook group, Steve’s campsite was off Dalton Highway, south of Deadhorse, at mile marker 336.5.

Anyone with information is asked to contact authorities in Alaskan immediately.
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