choke tube problem?


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Aug 5, 2012
I recently bought a Tightwad choke by primos as a last ditch effort to get my gun ready for season cause I cant find my kicks choke and it said on the package it was safe to shoot Hevi-shot well I pick up a box of #6 and go shoot it 3 times and that's it when I went to remove the choke I got it passed the threads and went to pull it out and it would get passed halfway out cause the middle of the tube is swelled up somehow but I can push it back down and thread it back in so what to do on this situation I have contacted primos customer service and heard good things about them but I dont see how they are going to make this one right and I dont want to force it out and mess the threads up any of yall have experience with their customer service and tricks to try to get it out I oiled it up and it still wont come out thanks ahead of time guys

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