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Bow tuning

Ladys man

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Sep 30, 2008
Corryton, TN
So I have a few questions
1. I just replaced my biscuit with a ripcord drop away, seems to be timed correctly (without shooting so not sure)
2. I’m building new arrows with more FOC so slightly heavier, all they have is the inserts in right now no nocks or fletch.
3. do I need to shoot my old arrows to time the rest then finish building the new arrows? I’m wanting to paper tune and nock tune the new arrows but how will I know which to adjust with new rest and how will I know.
I guess in what order should I go about this.
Any help is appreciated


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Nov 28, 2006
Old Hickory/Mt.Juliet, TN
I would do a temporary timing install that can be quickly and easily secured and finished off in case you get lucky and don't have to move the rest. If you do need to move the rest, you will need to time the rest again. So, go ahead and run the cord through the cable and make a reference mark where the cord comes through the cable and then tie a temporary tie to secure the cord and the cable and then see what you need to do from there. From my experience, unless you have to make significant moves on the rest, then you should be okay.

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