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Nov 16, 2011
robertson,co TN
finally got on some turkeys yesterday eve called in a boss hen who didnt appreciate my calls too much.. :) who was carrying lone strutter and 4 other hens hung up @75 yds and roosted and ended up finding 1 black morel. get on em this a.m. no gobbles til 6 a.m. still in the roost, about 5 toms from what i could tell, get decoys set up 75 yds from them few soft tree yelp and shut up i hear hens about 200 yds down field yelping like cazy toms gobble fly off the roost never to be heard or seen again i couldnt buy one to answer i packed it in txt my buddy and headed for the lake by 7:15
my boys always love pulling the days catch outta the live well,nxt week is there turn.
boated 18 had about 10 short,had a good day on the water

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