Another important hearing in TN Senate tomorrow


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Feb 21, 2002
Seymour, TN
For those of you who are not members of the NRA here is a great benifit of being a member. They send emails updating you on important gun laws going through your states government. below is one i just recieved.

Tennessee: School Safety Bill to be Heard Tomorrow

Please call AND e-mail members of the Senate Education Committee TODAY!

Tomorrow at 3:30 pm, the state Senate Education Committee will hear Senate Bill 570. This legislation, as introduced, would allow K-12 school personnel to possess a firearm on school property if the person; has a handgun carry permit, is authorized by the school superintendent, has had 40 hours of basic school policing and uses frangible bullets.

Teachers are entrusted with the education and care of our children every day and should be allowed to protect them in every possible manner. SB 570 would give our education professionals, who choose to do so, the ability to defend themselves and those they teach from unforeseeable threats in the future. We trust our teachers with the lives of our children when we aren�t there. We should also trust them to protect our children with the most effective means possible.

The companion bill to SB 570, House Bill 6, is sponsored by Representative Eric Watson (R-22) and has been referred to the state House Civil Justice Subcommittee. House Bill 6 has not been scheduled yet for a hearing, but your NRA-ILA will keep you updated as information becomes available.

Please call AND e-mail members of the Senate Education Committee and urge them to support Senate Bill 570.

Senate Education Committee:

Senator Dolores Gresham (Chairman)
(615) 741-2368
[email protected]

Senator Reginald Tate (1st Vice-Chairman)
(615) 741-2509
[email protected]

Senator Steven Dickerson (2nd Vice-Chairman)
(615) 741-6679
[email protected]

Senator Charlotte Burks
(615) 741-3978
[email protected]

Senator Stacey Campfield
(615) 741-1766
[email protected]

Senator Rusty Crowe
(615) 741-2468
[email protected]

Senator Todd Gardenhire
(615) 741-6682
[email protected]

Senator Joey Hensley
(615) 741-3100
[email protected]

Senator Brian Kelsey
(615) 741-3036
[email protected]


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Apr 3, 2011
Shelby County, TN
I have been saying for years that this most effective, cost conscious, easy to implement plan to secure our schools. Teachers/administrators with permits who chose to do so should be allowed to carry on campuses the same way they are allowed to carry any place else.

...its worked in Utah for more than 2 decades!

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