Ammo rant


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Nov 15, 2011
Southern Middle TN
Ahhhh !!! Been wanting a .22 for a while and had to wait until now before I got the money, well what do ya know all this craziness hits and people's went nuts over guns ang ammo. After about 2 months of searching I find the little rifle I have been looking for at the actual price it was prior the crazy stuff hit. Problem is now I can't find ammo .22 lr to even plink a little bit or even line it up. Am I missing something ? Why is everyone so nuts over .22 lr ?
Also if anyone is around Maury or Marshall Williamson county that would be willing to hook a brother up with some rounds at a normal price please pm me. I just find this craze dumb unless there's something I'm missing. Rant over lol

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