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A Poem by Mary Morris aka Tndoe aka LadyMarlin


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Mar 10, 2015
I Will Always Be There With You

When I lay down for that eternal sleep,
I will have lived all that I can live.
And I pray that you have received-
All that I came to you to give.

If you wish to be near me again-
Seek me out in ways from within.
For I'll be there in the new fallen snow,
So still and quiet that you will know.

Look for me in the mountains' mist,
Rising up over their mighty tops,
Reaching up for the soft sunrise
And on to beyond where the world does stop.

I will soar on the eagle'swings,
In the fresh morning air,
Look for me in the flower gardens,
As I surely will be there.

I will walk softly beside
The gentle mother doe,
As she feeds with her fawn
Where the sweet clover does grow.

Watch the brilliant sunsets for me,
For that's a place I'll always be,
In the colors so warm and glowing,
The love from my heart always showing.

Catch a glimpse of the double rainbow.
That's another place that I shall go.
I'll slide down from it's colorful rim
Into the mist so cool and dim.

Listen to the mockingbird's song,
In predawn hours-before the night is gone.
It will be my way of awakening you
To the early morn skies, of crystal blue.

I will float along that single thin cloud
That glides over the bright full moon.I will linger a time in the buttercup's center,
And rest awhile in the butterfly's cocoon.

Listen for the call of that lone hoot owl
During the dark and warm summer night.
I will also ride that first robin's wing
As he takes off on his joyous spring flight.

I will quietly whisper along
In the clear babbling brooks,
Then I will surely visit for awhile
Between pages of a heart warming book.

I was with you once,
In body and soul
So happy now in catching that glimpse
Or hearing that whisper...for I must go.

But if you want, I'll always be near,
Just pause a moment and seek me around.
For surely I am.......always with you
In the things that I have loved...
I can always be found.

original poem by LadyMarlin, Jan 23, 2000

Mary Morris aka Tndoe shared this with me so many years ago.
I'll always remember the great times we had at the Vous.

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