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Deer Assassin

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Aug 1, 2003
Kingston Springs
cause Lord Knows I dont want to kiss the redhead (fiesty)

i wish they enforced that more around here but then again im sure fiesty does too lol

first off ignore spelling and grammer cause i am doped up good right now i cut and bruised the living crap out of my pinky smashed it to all heck between the rear coil spring and frame on the race car

I love that dang car but it will be the death of me i always swore a deer would kill me (revenge) but i am sure this car will

80000 post on here in almost 10 years some have been good some bad some pointless and a lot of cool and :d

i dont post on here no where near like i used to just have a lot going on actually i am working my self into an early grave i really need to slow down but dont know how the good news im going to do something i havent done in several years i am taking a week off in april and try to do nothing but fish put the ole triton on the water and relax

any way drag racing season is here but as usuall the car is not ready much like last year i wait till it is to late in winter due to hunting and wood cutting i can get all the crap done that i need to
well this year is no exception cause as always things arent easy nor do they go the way u think they will

i am not perfect and sometimes it shows against a lot of folks opinion i was dead set on a 4.56 gear well i took a few short cuts and it bit me in the but the pinion depth was to deep cracked the ring gear in a couple of spots not real bad but when you run close to 100 in eight mile i aint taking a chance

so i got a 4.30 gear for it took my time set it up the "right" way and guess what it works fine amazing

well i have some massive new tires in the rear and for some reason they are not centered in the wheel well i need to adjust my lower contro arms and re set pinion angle
so after a buch of bs i get them adjusted and guess what i went to far the other way...... let me interject this

i know there are folks that read my post and Lord knows what they think of me heck i have heard it all from ego maniac to game hog to every thing in between well i have you know i am not perfect not do i accell at every thing i do and try i am a perfectionest and it sucks being that way
any how i crushe the living crap out of my pinky it hurts like hu hu

but i have spent so many hours working on my car i love it so much and i am proud of the things it has done i may not get to race as much as last year but i do hope to do as well as last year

i had 2 wins and 5 second place but i am most proud of my 3 perfect lights 2 of them .0000 lights yes 4 zero perfect lights and 1 .0009 perfect light

so tuesday is mustang night i have to put a new differential in my truck get this rear end straightened out take my son turkey hunting this weekend plent y of time just not feeling motovated

i will say this i do enjoy this place the people i have met i am so thankful for the last 10 years and all the people who have helped me and for the folks i have helped that is what it is all about people helping each other
looking forward to 10 more years some one has to keep ruger straight bobby g cant do it all alone



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May 7, 2008
Lexington, TN
Congrats on your post count, lol. Racing is def expensive. We dragged for years and have been dirttrack racing the last ten years or so. Not much these last few years because of cost and family. 15,000 dollar motor doesnt do much against 30k plus motors. Its an awesome past time though. I have two high dollar paper weights sitting in the corner of the shop now. One is a tucker motor and the other a christian motor. Ive started building a ratrod here latley to pass a little free time and took a bad set of aluminum small block rods i had left over and am currently welding three of them together for the spoke of a custom steering wheel for the rat. Always wanted a rat and so far is a lot cheaper. Got a built 406 ready for it.

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Sep 29, 2003
You sure you wasn't 4.20 friendly instead of 4.30 when you wrote this?

Congrats whatever all that means I am sure its a great accomplishment .


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Oct 12, 2001
Collierville, TN. USA
Congrats, I have enjoyed 99% of your post, you always seems to be honest and helpful person.
But geez man, you just grin too much in all your photos. :)

Good luck in your racing and keep whacking and stacking.


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Feb 18, 2012
Congrats on the mile stone DA. and I couldn't agree more its the people on this site that make it great.

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