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    Evinrude E-Tec oil

    Yes you can run the XD100 with the motor set for XD50, it will just burn more than if it was set for XD100. However the XD100 is the best oil you can buy for that e-Tec. I buy my oil here - https://domo-online.com
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    Braid to fluro

    Alberto knot, easy to tie, small and strong.
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    Prime rib help

    Have a good digital meat thermometer and insure the probe is half way in the thickest part of the roast. Pre-heat oven to 500, sear for 20 minutes, turn oven down to 225, walk away. Pull roast at 118 degrees and tent in foil, it will continue to cook and climb in temp. At 224, pull foil and...
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    Boat shoes

    Thanks Bucket, got mine on the way.
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    Your Job

    You should only be looking out for yourself.
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    Millett Buck Gold?

    It’s a good scope - https://www.chuckhawks.com/millett_buck_gold_scope.htm
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    Did I see the ISS this morning?

    I watched it last night fly over the house at 6:03 PM. It was bright and travelling West N West to Northeast. Pretty cool seeing that.
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    Outstanding! My son commissioned out of UT ROTC in 2004 and his assignment was the 173rd Airborne in Vicenza Italy as a 2nd Lieutenant and Platoon leader. He was immediately deployed to Afghanistan. Now two tours later and many command assignments he is a Major in the Armored Calvary at Fort Hood.
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    Best pocket knife?

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    Food plots on Cheatham WMA

    Forget the fields and plots and hunt ridge saddles and creek junctions. Be prepared for the hardest deer drag you have ever had to deal with. Every deer I shot in Cheatham ran downhill to the creek bottom.
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    New shooting iron

    Nice Stu! Pew, Pew, Pew!
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    How often do you kill a "good" buck?

    I’m with DA and gasman, all harvested bucks are good bucks. I skull or Euro mount mine saving room on the walls for more.
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    Chainsaw advice

    Echo is a great saw with 5 year warranty. I bought one for my son. I have a Stihl 028 Wood Boss that is 1983 vintage and was my grandfather’s saw. Still runs like a raped ape.
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    On the board my first buck!

    Nice buck Mag! Yes, your father was there.
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    Nephew got one

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    Ruger Buys Marlin Firearms

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    Baby granddaughter

    Re: Baby granddaughter There’s nothing more important than grandkids. I’ve got 10. The little heathens are jeopardizing my retirement plans.
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    My baby

    That’s outstanding Ruger, 9 more to go and you can catch me. Grandkids are a special blessing.
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    Old Hibachi grill

    I got through college with a Hibachi grill, a Jeep CJ5 and Ramen Noodles. That Hibachi grilled more burgers and cheap steaks than you could imagine.
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    Outdoor griddles - Flat top??

    I bought a 17” Blackstone with grill stand and cover. It’s just me and the wife at home so perfect size for us. I bought my son the big Blackstone 36” since he needs to continuously feed 7 of my grandkids. That thing is a beast!