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  1. TNHunter2521


    Would like to join a Duck lease in East TN.
  2. TNHunter2521

    Desperate to join a Lease

    L. E. officer would like to join an established lease in Middle Tenn and East Tenn. If anyone would be willing to let me trespass i do not mind paying a fee. PM me if anyone is up to letting me on their lease TNHunter
  3. TNHunter2521


    Does anyone offer any suggestions for making Jerky? I have used London Broil and it seemed to make a tasty jerky. Does anyone have a different preference? I have used venision. TNHunter2521
  4. TNHunter2521


    Those of you that have used the Thermo-Cell insect repeller I was interested in your opinion(s) on its effectiveness, spooking deer, and other information you have on it. Thanks and good hunting.