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    thoughts on camera’s

    This is more of a school me thread. I’ve never used cameras out in the public land I hunt. I don’t have access to large tracks of private land. A little private land when owners family isn’t hunting it. So question is does cameras make you a better hunter. Or just hang cameras till you find a...
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    30/30 ammo

    I don’t currently need any. But can’t find any on the stores so my buddy has some place he go’s online to find ammo. 5 dollars a round for 30/30. What is this coming to. Insanity like I’ve never seen.
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    Eastern TN RUT

    What’s everyone’s observations on this end of the state. Are they chasing doe’s or following. Are the mature bucks 3.5 or older even getting roused up. Are the youngsters getting going. I know it’s been a bit here and there. Just checking on the bust wide open type of RUT. Has it happened...
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    I’m still disgusted/Catoosa

    Got in the stand before daylight this was on Friday morning. Around 9:30 or so I start dozing off. I’m fighting it real bad. But at some point I couldn’t anymore. After 30 minutes or so I’m awakened to all kinds of crunching and a big pop to my right. Well it startled me and I jerked my head up...
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    Breaking my heart

    My son is crying that daddy will be gone hunting. I’m going to catoosa 19-21. Wish I could take him he’s 9 and me and a buddy will be in a tent. It’ll be cold and no room at all. Plus I’ve started him bird hunting but not deer. And this ain’t a hunt for teaching. I’ll take him local when I get...
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    Anyone hunting chuck swan Now

    Just checking I’m out here camping in a tent. Seeing who else is out here.
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    Chuck Swan

    Just seeing who’s gonna be at chuck swan Friday and Saturday this week muzzleloader hunt.
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    who remebers missing shirt tails

    wondering who remembers when a missed shot equaled your shirt tail being cut off lol.And you had to walk around camp for everybody to see.That was many years ago.And i don't have a Hunt camp type situation much anymore.But as a kid i couldn't wait to camp and hunt.I was about 13 at the time i...
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    East TN Rut Activity

    Just wondering what everyones seeing on this end of the state.Next week and so on usually the time to be in the woods.Has been for a long time now anyway.
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    Diaper while on stand

    Guy I talked At a store seriously told me he where’s a diaper while hunting On the stand. I’ve heard some wildness before. Such as trying to crap in a Gatorade bottle while on stand. But this takes the cake. Just thought I’d share the madness. Lmao
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    How far off a road

    I was wondering how far off a road you had to be to hunt. I read 100 yards from a dwelling. Of course I’m not talking about hunting from a vehicle. I mean getting out a placing a portable tripod. This question is for public land.i wouldn’t be visible or shooting towards the rd. Thanks
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    3rd and 4th chuck swan

    Can anybody give me some direction.Iv'e never been there before.I plan on scouting the day before because that all the time i have to do it.Wish it was different but at least i'll be hunting.Thanks
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    Chuck Swan

    I know with EHD a few years ago hurt em bad.What's y'all honest opinion about the place.Those that been there of course.Is there any good bucks there.And how is the population.Cant kill any doe's again this year.I'm ok with that as long as theres a chance at a good buck.
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    Any chance on crappie

    Im gonna try to head out this weekend.Not just for crappie.Be nice to catch some though.Might they still be on the bed.If not where in the water are they hanging out.
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    Anybody else get an invitation card

    I got an invitation card in the mail today.It says in the next few days i'll receive a request to complete a brief survey.It say's for an important project.It's conducted by researchers at UT.But it's supported by the TWRA. It say's it'll be about how sportsman perceive and use WMA's.It say's i...
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    Maybe not EHD

    Just a question I thought I’d throw up there. Does anybody think that the big kill off last year was indeed CWD and not EHD. Just because none of the deer twra was checking tested positive. Why couldn’t some of the big kill off here in east Tn or elsewhere have indeed been CWD. You have to...
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    Got that sickening feeling

    So yesterday around 3:00 I walked in sat down on my little stool. I often use the stool when I’m checking out an area. Anyway 10 minutes max after sitting down.I see a buck heading my way. I was surprised of course that quick never happens to me. So I wait for him to get in a clear spot. And...
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    Any Rut Activity east tn

    Anybody seeing any rut activity around.Doe's are still together.I dont have any bucks chasing doe's on camera.Also i havn't see any out in the woods either.But it seem's i see bigger bucks and more of a rut the 2nd week of December.More than i do thanksgiving week. Just wondering what others...
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    East TN Rut

    wondering if anybody is seeing any chasing or usual rut behavior.I live over in greene county.Usually you'll see dead bucks up and down the highway and lots of dead doe's. either its not going on or the deer have gotten good at crossing the highway.Usually the weekend after thanksgiving it's...
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    Oak ridge hunt tomorrow

    Does anybody know what time your aloud to get there on hunt day. I see 7am on the scout days which I went to but haven’t seen anything about the actual day of the hunt.