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    Ruger Buys Marlin Firearms

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    Be Safe my Friends, Head on a Swivel

    The Lake Lice are coming out. Have complete awareness. Some don’t, http://www.wsmv.com/story/38132924/twra ... ckory-lake
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    Old Hickory Report 2-18

    Well folks, hit the water after the frost burned off. Launched at Avondale and ran from Bluegrass to the bottom of Cages Bend and back. Current was ripping. Very few floaters of any significance. Water clarity 8-10”. Temp was 48 in the main run and found 51 in the back of one pocket with...
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    Can the Titans Do It?

    Gonna be a tough game tonight, can they squeak this one out?
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    Kalashnikov Production Coming to USA

    Well now, sometime soon my AR will have a Russian girlfriend! http://www.foxnews.com/us/2016/01/28/ru ... tcmp=hpbt2
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    Foreclosure Advice Please - Lawyers Up!

    Not me but sadly my oldest son has been robbing Peter to pay Paul and today the dreaded certified mail arrived advising that his home will be sold in foreclosure. Well, the good news is that Pops is in a position to make him whole and bring this mortgage back to current. I'm willing to do this...
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    Property Straddling TN & Kentucky

    What is the guidance for licensing on a property that straddles Tennessee and Kentucky? The landowner is a TN resident but a portion of his property is over the KY line. Would I need both TN and KY Non-Resident license to hunt the property?
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    Predators Tickets

    Anybody need two lower bowl Predators tickets for tonight? I have two available, Section 103, Row P seats 25-26, isle seats. I'm headed downtown around 4:30 or 5:00. Due to other opportunities I was able to pick up 5 for me and my kids so I am selling my regular season ticket seats. PM if...
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    I'm at work this morning contemplating why........

    And at 9:00 AM this morning I start getting texts from my kid. He's complaining about swirling winds down in a bottom and it's starting to rain and God knows how many other excuses he has. At approximately 9:10 I get a text and he is yammering about just whacking a big buck that came crashing in...
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    Interesting Buck - New on Property

    Some very interesting new bucks on my cameras:
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    Weatherby Orion and Athena Shotguns - NEED HELP

    Are these O/U or SXS stocks? Forend or butt stock? I have a Weatherby Athena made by Fausti in 20 ga. O/U. If you need me to measure the stock dimension I can in a couple days. Let me know.