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    41 Magnum re-loaders

    Anybody load this, I have, I know, 500 SPEER, 200gr JHP, and100 Hornady 210gr FMJ-FP, trade for subsonic or standard velocity CCI .22 or 300blk., or 44 Mag/Spl.
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    How do I send one?
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    D-bag at Bass Pro

    No, not ditty. Swung in for a look see, didn't have a mask, picked up a couple boxes of round balls for muzzle loader. When to check out, dude asked for rewards card, no I'm good,scans stuff and asked for phone number, again, I'm good, hands me my change as he's turning to the register says...
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    Prolly wrong place

    Need input on 2021 Tundra or Silverado, got it down to those. Don't anticipate towing much, but don't want to rule out a pontoon. I generally drive under 10,000 miles a year. But I do have a skid steer I may need to move, not likely though. Heard the Tundra rides rough, but, 40 years of trucking...
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    Hey Diamondhunter

    Post me a PM, I need to get a ring resized, if you can't do it, point me to where I can, please. I've lost it twice and got it back, not willing to tempt fate again. It was my dads from 1952. Goodlettsville high school. Don't care what it costs, call the man Aunt Bea.
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    Sonic BBLT

    If a sandwich can have too much bacon, this is it. :tu:
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    HUSTLER mowers

    Any body know good or bad about HUSTLER zero turn mowers?
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    I need a chainsaw.

    Can get a Stihl around $240.00 and run can gas, or get a Makita with 2 free batteries and not have gas problems, don't know which, this will just be for the tops left from a logger taking the logs. There is a lot of tops, close to an acre of thick trees.