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    To directly answer the OP’s question, you can safely shoot 7.62x51 in a .308. Expanding on that answer, you CANNOT safely shoot .308 in a 7.62x51 chambered firearm.
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    What did you do..Screw you 2020 version!

    I ended up taking Monday and Tuesday off. Had some family stuff and just felt like I needed to rest. Ended up falling late Tuesday night (no idea what happened) and bruised several ribs. Ran a slow 6 miles Wednesday and slightly faster 5 yesterday. Got to get in 4 tonight and 3 tomorrow to get...
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    Off season coyote ammo

    Suspected as much. Thank you!
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    What did you do..Screw you 2020 version!

    Did my first run at 10 miles yesterday. 8:47 average mile. 3 mile easy run tonight on the treadmill followed by dips, pull-ups, and chin-ups.
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    Off season coyote ammo

    Is it legal to use FMJ ammo for coyotes with deer season closed?
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    Buffalo Ridge Trappers Training Camp

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    What did you do..Screw you 2020 version!

    Got in 30 minutes on the exercise bike Wednesday evening. Wednesday's are my off days... Last night I had a 6 mile training run. Had to do it on the treadmill. The geniuses at my gym set the thermostats for their comfort rather than with consideration to people working out, so I was slow...
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    Fitness goals for motivation

    If a 73 year wants to ignore his own physical well-being, I support him 🤷🏻‍♂️ I would question why he is choosing to stir up embers in a fitness section of the forum. Kind of like the hippies that create accounts on gohunt.com to comment about articles there. Why???
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    Fitness goals for motivation

    Sounds like the Shelby Farms ultra? My wife and I will probably do that one this year. She was training for the 50k last year when the Wuhan hit.
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    Oooo, foxy lady

    e-callers are illegal?
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    Satellite communicator/gps device

    I am not so sure this is accurate. A phone does not have to have paid service or a calling plan to make 911 calls. That is true and has been going back to at least the mid 90's. No service meaning no towers in range (usually). It MAY be possible that an AT&T phone with no reachable tower could...
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    Fitness goals for motivation

    I hear what you all are saying, but I have come to recognize that I am less worried about how long I live versus the quality of the time I have left. Losing all of this weight has shown me what I was missing while stuffing my gullet at the table. My time on this earth is determined by God...
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    Button buck question?

    I am happy to shoot or not shoot whatever you say if you let me hunt there ;)
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    Button buck question?

    My question is how old is your son? We talking talking about a twelve year old or a forty year old?
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    Fitness goals for motivation

    My only reliable partner is my wife. She hates lifting and loves running. I am the opposite... Races are OK, but the training means I have to spend time running I would rather be lifting or cross-training. For the half in February, I am running 5 days a week right now and need the two days off...
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    Fitness goals for motivation

    I started taking my health and fitness more seriously a few years ago when I decided I wanted to do a back country elk hunt. The hunt motivated me to lose over 100 pounds and get into the best shape of my life. I finally did a trip to Idaho for archery elk in early September. I found upon...
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    Truck Hunting

    Hit my first deer in my truck on the way to camp a few weeks ago. Busted a few of the retaining clips on the bumper, but the truck is mostly OK. She barrel rolled and flew about 10 feet. Was reaching in the console to get my pistol to finish her; she jumped up and took off.
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    Out of State Costs So High

    I paid nearly $1000 for a license and elk/wolf/bear tags in Idaho this year. That stung! I pay nearly $200 a year to apply in Arizona and have yet to hunt there. I consider what I pay TN for my annual Sportsmans license a bargain!
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    Looking For 2021 Leases (Reply here if you are looking)

    Looking myself. Interested in deer, turkey, and small game but willing to listen. Prefer to be within an hour of Memphis. Thank you!
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    ISO Single Muddy Pro climbing stick

    Thank you! I have spent a ton of cash with DanO this year