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    Water witching

    As said above, I've done it with a metal coat hanger. Held loosely in your hand the metal coat hanger would move when it was over the water line. But that was locating water lines. I don't know if it will work with free flowing water. It was explained to me that it has something to do with the...
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    Cowboy wisdom......

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    Mature Bucks, Trail Cams and New Properties

    Interesting that the bucks that will go to different ranges year after year survive. Seeing that they don't know the terrain they are going to, where the thickets are, where to run to etc. Wonder if those bucks have a lesser life expectancy than those that stick to a "defined" yearly home range?
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    Mature Bucks, Trail Cams and New Properties

    So to put it in human terms..... its like a guy that has a regular stomping ground (wherever that may be) to pick up girls. Maybe that area runs dry for whatever reason, and the guy trys out a new area where he might find a girl.... LOL Just a theory.......
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    netflix movies

    The Night Stalker was good. Its more of a documentary on his crimes and how they caught him. But if you remember when all that was going on its interesting.
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    Euro Mount

    Looks awesome
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    Mature Bucks, Trail Cams and New Properties

    This buck for instance.....these are the only 2 pictures I got of him. Never saw him in person or on the hoof. The 2 cameras are on opposite ends of the farm I hunt. The head on picture is on a trail where does travel a lot. It also has a lot of acorns. The walking away picture is on a faint...
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    Mature Bucks, Trail Cams and New Properties

    Concerning trail cameras......I wonder how many bucks/mature bucks are never photographed. Not necessarily because they "avoid" the cameras for some reason but because they never walk in front of one.
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    Well dang, it’s gone.

    I worry about this happening every year with my lease. Sorry to hear you lost your lease.
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    Seems everything has been cured. Only deaths you hear about is covid. No heart attacks, cancer, strokes etc. Everything is covid related....
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    Self euro mounting

    I've used the garden hose with the nozzle on jet and I've taken it to a car wash bay and used the sprayer there. Both worked fine.
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    Your greatest "you can't make this stuff up" story

    I had 32 years with Metro Nashville P.D..... you would not believe the things I caught people doing!
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    My finished euro mount

    I've done several by boiling them but never got them this clean and white. I never bleached them or soaked them on hydrogen peroxide. A friend of mine boiled one this year and put a dishwasher soap pod in while boiling it and it was very clean and white from just that.
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    My finished euro mount

    Boil I think, I had it done.
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    My finished euro mount

    My 8 pt from muzzleloader season
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    Last hunt for 2020

    Today was probably the last hunt in 2020 for me. It was very warm and windy with no deer seen today. I did see this guy..... guess I could have tried to pass it off as a very dark colored spike.... lol No idea where this goat came from. I saw him in 2 different tomes today. With the coyotes...
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    Whole backstrap butterflied recipes?

    I did one once by slicing about 3/4 of the way thru then stuffing with pepper jack cheese on both sides and putting sliced jalepenos in the middle then closing it up and wrapping with bacon. Grilled it..... delicious!
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    Cash only @ Academy Sports

    I'd be hard pressed to quit a good paying job or any job just because they required direct deposit.
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    Recommend me a sight for ar pistol?

    Me as well.